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February 28, 2013

Dear Football Parents,

We here at the Rockland Youth Football League would like to welcome you to another exciting year of football in the Mid-Coast Maine area. There are a few changes that have been made in the off season and we are thrilled to let you in on them.

First of all, we are looking at having two teams at each age group, this is the plan, and hopefully you can help make this a reality. To do this we need players, we will be having earlier registration this year to get a better idea of where we stand.

The next big change is that we will no longer be associated with the Maine Youth Football League. What does that mean for you? The commutes to go to and from the games will be shorter, we have joined up with Camden, Boothbay, Medomak, and Lincoln County in building a new league that focuses on becoming feeder programs for our communities. We are planning on six game seasons and a true playoff system to determine the outright league champion, no more one day tournaments.

We have reorganized the grade divisions to be 1st and 2nd Grade PEE-WEE, 3rd and 4th Grade JV, and 5th and 6th Grade Varsity. This will help each player get more playing time and lessen the chance for 5th graders to get hurt by playing multiple games each day.

What we need from you? Commitment! We would like the opportunity to coach your child and give them a positive football experience that focuses on discipline, commitment, leadership, teamwork, and positive attitudes. Fundraising! We will be having multiple fundraising opportunities during the summer to help alleviate some of the costs associated with running a youth football organization. HELP WANTED.

We will be holding coaching interviews to ensure that our coaches have the same vision as our league.

Coach Woody Moore is once again offering a Football Camp for kids this summer from June 17 – 21 this will help the kids get warmed up for the upcoming football season.

Our coaches and staff will be positive role models for your children and we are dedicated to making the best football experience possible.

Marc E. Moore II



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